What is Feldenkrais?

Named after its founder, Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, Feldenkrais is a unique movement based learning method. Feldenkrais is a mind/body exploratory learning approach, not an exercise program or therapy. However it has considerable therapeutic outcomes and long term benefits, regardless of age or fitness status. The Method uses mindful movement and awareness as tools to learn skills for recovery, growth and success.

Functional Integration (FI) private appointments provide personalised attention tailored to your needs. They combine precise gentle movement with skilled touch; to feed the brain to learn new easier, more comfortable and graceful ways of moving, being and engaging with the world.

Private Appointments

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes verbally guide you, directing your attention and movement. Identify your habits and explore easier ways of moving and being, beyond habits. Become your own authority on YOU! We offer classes in a number of formats. Attend a weekly face to face class, online from home or purchase a self study program to work on at your own pace.


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Benefits of Feldenkrais

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