It's all about choice.

What choices are available to you when you slow down at the end of the day?  Do you get in touch with your body? Do you do something to destress the mind?

An ATM in progress

An ATM in progress

There are many ways we can re-find ourselves at the end of a busy day.  We can go for a walk, go to a gym class or yoga, flop in front of the TV, chat with friends - or head straight for the glass of wine.  Our choices are endless.

What if there was an option to discard the tensions of the day easily: an option to quieten the mind, unkink the body and feel great - before you have that glass of wine?

Try this:  Get into a comfortable seated position at a table. Rest your forearms stacked on the table, palms down, with your head resting on them, eyes closed. 

  • Rest there and breathe quietly for a couple of breaths. 

  • Gently roll your head left/right across your arms, noticing how far you can EASILY roll in each direction. One direction may be far easier than the other. Don’t change anything, just notice what is.  Make sure you don’t ‘push’ into discomfort.

  • Again GENTLY, SLOWLY roll your head, keeping your eyes fixed looking straight down to the ground (eyes remain closed)- notice how far you roll easily. 

  • Repeat head rolling several times, this time taking your eyes (closed) in the same direction as you roll your head. 

  • Roll head several times taking your eyes in the opposite direction to that you are rolling your head.

  • Repeat rolling your head as initially and revisit how far you can now easily roll in each direction.

  • Notice whether your breathing has changed.

  • Sit up and notice whether your neck feels different. 

You’ve just done a short ATM - an Awareness Through Movement lesson.  ATMs are a way of finding ourselves again after the business of the day - bringing ourselves back into the body.  They are a staple of the Feldenkrais Method - a real alternative to either doing too much or too little.  Gentle, relaxing and effective, Feldenkrais is a ‘practice’ (just like yoga or pilates) which allows you to quieten your busy mind while giving you the opportunity to gently stretch the body, to lose the built up tensions around the shoulders, neck and lower back from computer work, driving or just being busy.  It helps you to get back in touch with yourself and to ‘be’ with the moment.

What’s more this Method doesn’t require specialised movements that you have to ‘know’ or ‘get right’ in order to change your physical and mental states.  I know - sounds too good to be true - but it works!

If you’d like to do more, come to an Awareness Through Movement class. They are on offer 3 times a week (in person) and once a week (online).  You can find much more information by looking further on our website:  Feldenkrais - simple, gentle, fun and effective.  Why not make it your choice?