Private Appointments

Functional Integration (FI) Appointments

Individual appointments are tailored to your needs. They will help fast track your improvement and focus on specific skills for success. They also prepare you to attend classes to continue your explorations.

Changes don’t happen overnight, but they do happen. We use gentle touch and mindful movement, directing your attention. We take time to uncover your habits of moving, sensing, thinking and feeling. Expand your awareness and learn skills for recovery, growth and success.

Book to assist with managing pain, recovery from injury, enhancing your performance in a sporting or creative arts field, or simply to enrich your life and discover more about yourself!


Working together is a process. We recommend a commitment of at least 3 appointments, so that you have time to develop your awareness and learn skills for self management and personal growth.

Cancellation Policy

Missed appointments and cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged for that appointment. Please note that a one-time waiver is granted for a late cancellation. Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

The exercises are so powerful in relieving tension in my neck, head and eyes, and they are quick and easy to do anywhere - truly amazing!
— Anna