What is Feldenkrais?

The Feldenkrais Method®, named after its founder, Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, is a unique movement based learning method. It is a mind/body exploratory learning approach, not an exercise program or therapy, however it has considerable therapeutic outcomes and long term benefits, regardless of age or fitness status.

Feldenkrais incorporates principles of neuroplasticity and learning, together with studies of movement, human development and biomechanics.  Well established in Europe and the USA, the Feldenkrais Method is increasingly becoming known in Australia.

The aim of Feldenkrais is to improve self-awareness, movement and functioning in everyday life. Movement is the vehicle used to learn more about yourself; learning strategies to free movement, to find greater calm and clarity of thinking.

Georgi can help you use self-awareness to reconnect with your body and mind, and find ways to experience ease, flow and grace in your movement. You will find ways of being more of WHO and HOW you want to BE in the world, thereby enhancing your health, wellbeing and vitality.



Who is Feldenkrais?


Dr Moshe Feldenkrais

Dr Moshe Feldenkrais (pronounced Fel-den-krice) (1904 – 1984) was an Israeli Physicist, Engineer and Judo Master who suffered a knee injury. His determination to recover from this injury without surgery facilitated the development of the Feldenkrais Method. The Method incorporates aspects of all of these disciplines, together with learning principles, motor development and neuroplasticity.

Dr Feldenkrais’ research and teaching spanned 40 years, incorporating the study of movement, human development and education. He recognised the vital importance of working with the whole body rather than isolated parts, to improve human functioning and facilitate lasting improvements. His method of body/mind exploration improves functioning in everyday activities by facilitating an individual’s awareness and learning.



Why should I engage with Feldenkrais?

Is there any activity you wish you could do MORE of or BETTER in life? Do you know what’s limiting you? You can’t change what you don’t know! Feldenkrais will help you to become clearer about how change might occur. Dr Feldenkrais himself said: “Habits are when we decide how to act before we are aware we have a choice”.

Feldenkrais is a transformative practice where you evolve and grow. At Move To Vitality you will:

  • Experience mindfulness through movement. Learn how to achieve more by doing less!

  • Reconnect with your body. Move well, feel better!

  • Free your body and mind. Shed stress and tension.

  • Rediscover vitality. Leap into life!