Somatic Emotional Awareness - An Introduction


Somatic Emotional Awareness - An Introduction


13th July, 2019, 10am - 5pm

Dementia Australia, 2 Percy Street, Hamilton. 2303

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Somatic Emotional Awareness: a mindfulness-based embodied learning approach to becoming wise in choosing your emotional responses.

Zoran Kovich, international Feldenkrais Trainer, is back in Newcastle once again by popular demand.

Emotions are neither absolutely good nor bad, positive nor negative. It is far more useful to appraise your emotional responses as being constructive or deconstructive, depending on the situation. You have probably experienced ‘regrettable episodes’ in your emotional life. You can learn to notice the faintest spark of a potentially destructive emotion before it bursts into an uncontrollable flame.

Drawing upon facial expression research of world-renowned psychologist Paul Ekman, as well as Zoran’s certification studies in Cultivating Emotional Balance, this Awareness Through Movement workshop introduces you to basic, practical skills you can use to become wiser in monitoring and choosing your emotional responses. You will explore how to use awareness of facial movements and body posture as a means for monitoring and regulating your emotions, enabling you to respond more wisely to life’s personal and interpersonal challenges.

**Refreshments will be provided. Please BYO lunch.